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Fruitful Gardens is a beautifully blended perfume that is sweet, fruity, and floral, also with a touch of Vanilla and Musk. It is made up of pure perfume oil.

A truly intoxicating scent, which is distinctive and luxurious. A rich floral musk which opens with Damask Rose and Grapefruit before entering a creamy Vanilla and Honeysuckle heart.

The Resin, Amber and Musk base complete a glorious scent which leaves you feeling a sense of joy every time you apply the perfume onto your skin.
Fruitful Gardens is the perfect signature scent to captivate others around you and help you create beautiful life memories as you go about your day.

The bottle is made out of frosted glass and the exterior of the lid is made out of natural Bamboo. The roller ball is Stainless Steel. This bottle will contain 5ml of pure perfume oil.


How to apply your perfume oil to your skin:

To get the best use out of your perfume oil, it works best when you apply the oil onto your pulse points.

Some great areas to apply your perfume oil are on your wrists, inner elbow, under your neck.

Pulse points are great areas to apply your fragrance as they radiate heat and project your scent better.

Please do not apply the oil directly onto your clothing or on broken skin.
Ingredients: Amylcinamal, Benzyl, Citral, Linalool, Parfume, Limonene, Citronelol, Coumarin, Isoeugenol.

Fruitful Gardens (5mL)

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