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Our Philosophy

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At Zantaria, we have a philosophy that we adhere to and it impacts every single decision that we make within our company. Our Philosophy is kindness and even before our company was born, we
knew our entire brand would revolve around this one special word.

We believe more kindness is needed in our world from human to human. As part of our pledge to improve the world, we donate a nutritious meal for a child in need every time a 10ml bottle is purchased, via the World Food Programme.

There are a multitude of problems that our world is facing and we feel that first and foremost, everyone should have three, daily nutritious meals on their plate.
Our vision is to spread kindness to every supplier that we deal with, the millions of people with no nutritious food and of course our wonderful customers.

Thank you so much for your custom. It truly helps us with our main goal of spreading kindness.

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