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Sweet Angel, is a soft, floral, and fruity perfume, designed to transport you into a world of bliss, every time you apply it to your skin with its youthful and joyful nature. It will give you an uplifting feeling whatever the occasion would be.


It opens up with refreshing notes of Apple, Orange, Green notes and Cherry. The middle notes include Violet and Orris. The fragrance is completed by Musk and Vanilla as the base notes. Together these ingredients create a magnificent, calming scent, designed to be worn daily.


Top notes - Apple, Orange, Green notes, and Cherry.

Middle notes - Violet, Orris, and Orchid.

Base notes - Musk and Vanilla.


This perfume is vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free.


The exterior of this bottle is made out of natural, Bamboo wood. The roller ball is Stainless Steel. It will contain 10ml of pure perfume oil.



How to apply your perfume oil to your skin:
To get the best use out of your perfume oil, it works best when you apply the oil onto your pulse points.

Some great areas to apply your perfume oil are on your wrists, inner elbow, under your neck.

Pulse points are great areas to apply your fragrance as they radiate heat and project your scent better.

Please do not apply the oil directly onto your clothing or on broken skin.

Contains: 3,7-dimethylnona-1,6-dien-3-ol, alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde, hexyl salicylate, pentadecan-15-olide, linalool, 1,5-dimethyl-1-vinylhept-4-enyl acetate, cis-4-(isopropyl) cyclohexane methanol, (R)-p-mentha-1,8-diene

Sweet Angel (10mL)

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